Krita Secrets: September 22, 2021 update

New version of Krita secrets is just released.

In now includes additional 20 tutorials making this book having 60 in total.

New tutorials are:

  • Modify Rectangular selection
  • Configure pressure sensitivity
  • Reorder Reference Images
  • Brush Custom Icon
  • Transparent Background Change
  • Make color transparent 
  • Fill the canvas with pattern 
  • Rotate selection by a specific angle 
  • Symmetric drawing 
  • Round rectangle selection 
  • Custom vector Library 
  • Bar Plot on Paint Layer 
  • Color Blending with Color Selector Tool 
  • Mirror Selection
  • Desaturate set of layers: Non-Destructive
  • Import Brush from GIMP
  • Fade Out Circle
  • Clipping Mask without Object behind
  • Smart Object 
  • Move Layers without Layers Docker


krita-secrets-full-version-2021-09-22.pdf 11 MB
Sep 22, 2021

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