Krita Secrets: October 13, 2021 update

New sections in Even More General Chapter

  • Color Blending with Digital Color Mixer
  • Select Similar Colors in Entire Image
  • Vector Shape: change size and position
  • Vector Shape: change Line/Stroke Color and Shape
  • Vector Shape: change Fill Color
  • Split Image to Pieces
  • Pixel Perfect Rectangular Selection
  • Simulate Brush Stroke on surface
  • Colorize each layer to have transparent pixels outside of the object
  • Ink Sketch with thick outline
  • Collapse layer group
  • Reference image from clipboard
  • Convert selection to shape
  • Bar plot with vector layers
  • Keep filter settings as preset
  • Undo Polyline and Polygon Tool Node
  • Shading with Colorize Mask
  • Export with transparent background
  • Merge points in a vector shape


  • How to read chapter now has example of focus blocks as a small triangles (useful for tight UI elements)
  • Improved tagging system for sections


krita-secrets-full-version-2021-10-13.pdf 14 MB
Oct 13, 2021
krita-secrets-free-sample-2021-10-13.pdf 5 MB
Oct 13, 2021

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