Krita Secrets: October 23, 2021 update

This one is big one for me :) 
First I keep doing it. Second I hit 100 tutorials, which is nice. Other changes include

The document were reorganized. Now it includes four other chapters: Manipulate Colors, Manipulate Selections, Vector Operations, Brushes

New sections:

  • Set transparency for all pixels to 100
  • Set color with HEX
  • Export Vector Layers to SVG
  • Save incremental
  • Sharp selection: Copy
  • Control where image is pasted
  • Save selection for later use
  • Reuse last selection
  • Seamless tiles with filter: Non-Destructive
  • Edit selection: Complex Shape
  • Desaturate all colors but one
  • Isometric Grid
  • Remove unwanted object from photo
  • Draw Tiles
  • Set Blending mode for multiple layers at the same time
  • Store Layer style preset
  • Drop shadow: Destructive
  • Drop shadow: Non-Destructive
  • Glow Effect
  • Arrange vector shapes

Fix the wording so tutorial is more clear:

  • Rule of thirds guides : should not be confused with "variables"
  • Spiky manga thought balloon : wrong layer type was specified


krita-secrets-free-sample-2021-10-23.pdf 5 MB
Oct 23, 2021
krita-secrets-full-version-2021-10-23.pdf 15 MB
Oct 23, 2021

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