Krita Secrets: November 21, 2021 update

New update and the book keeps growing. Here are the changes for this update.

Reworked sections:

  • Two point perspective
  • Close Image: better wording
  • Fixed wording in 13 sections

New sections:

  • Draw precise circular shape: Assistant Tool
  • One point perspective
  • Three point perspective
  • Different shades for each stroke
  • Smooth Corners: Vector Shape
  • Prevent layer to be changed accidentally
  • Smooth Zoom
  • Claw scratch stroke: Mouse
  • Multiple views into the same image
  • Thicken existing strokes
  • Layers mass export
  • Add Gradient Over Text
  • Quick Line tool
  • Re-link File layer
  • Reset main window layout
  • Export selection for other projects
  • Convert text into raster
  • Rainbow brush
  • Dotted Pattern for another image
  • Image with frame template


krita-secrets-free-sample-2021-11-21.pdf 5 MB
Nov 21, 2021
krita-secrets-full-version-2021-11-21.pdf 18 MB
Nov 21, 2021

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