Krita Secrets: December 19, 2021 update

December 19 contains the following updates.

New sections:

  • Resize imported image
  • Put layer on a plane
  • Fade one image into another
  • Keep aspect ratio while scaling
  • Move layer to another painting
  • Colorize mask: faster toggles
  • Remove single reference image
  • Crop image to single layer content
  • Adjust layer color
  • Brushstroke a Path
  • Double text outline: Anime style
  • Change Vanishing point lines color
  • Make Layer Black and White
  • Export scaled pixel art
  • Transform multiple layers at the same time
  • Merge multiple layers into one
  • Make a selection from visible pixels
  • Fill regions on separate layer
  • Map gradient to grayscale image
  • Resize canvas, not the image


krita-secrets-full-version-2021-12-19.pdf 22 MB
Dec 19, 2021

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